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Depending on their condition, around 60% of all textiles can be reused as second-hand goods.

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TextilTiger is now also active in Munich for 59 different postal codes! As usual, we offer our free and climate-neutral service to pick up your old clothes conveniently at your front door. With this step, we are ushering in the era of the circular economy for the Bavarian state capital! Regardless of whether you live in Schwabing or Sendling — the TextilTiger is there for you. You can simply choose a time period and your old clothes will be picked up the next day!

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Textiles - you think that's it? We can probably recycle more than you think.

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Do I have to be home on pick up day?


No, you don't have to. Simply leave your old clothes in front of your house or apartment door on collection day and we'll do the rest. It is best to stick a note on the old clothes to be picked up with our name as the recipient - so that your old clothes donation is still ready at the time of collection. Download the PDF template to print out here!

What can I hand over?


Basically, we collect just about all old clothes and old textiles. You can find a detailed overview over here

Do old clothes have to be specially sorted and washed?


No, but the textiles should be clean and dry. It is also not necessary to sort your old clothes beforehand. However, shoes should be tied together in pairs.

I don't have time on pick up day. What now?


You can leave your old clothes in front of your house or apartment door completely relaxed on the day of collection and we'll do the rest. It is best to stick a note on the old clothes to be picked up with our name as the recipient - so that your old clothes donation is still ready at the time of collection (Download the PDF template to print out here!).
If it is not possible to display your old clothes, you can cancel your collection date in your confirmation email from us under “Cancel collection” and then book a new collection.

The pickup hasn't arrived, what now?


We are very sorry that the pickup was not on time or not at all with you. Our drivers always do their best to be on time. On days with a lot of pick-ups, they may still be late. If you don't have time to wait, simply place the old clothes outside the door (when dry) and stick a note with the inscription “TextilTiger” on the bags or boxes. If this is not an option for you, please cancel the appointment and book a new one. We'll definitely be on time next time!

I have to hand in more old clothes than expected. What now?


The quantity and unit to be picked up (e.g. 5-9 large bags) may also differ on the day of collection. The data requested when ordering is only used for approximate planning. This allows us to estimate which type of vehicle (cargo bike or electric vehicle) we will use to collect you.

I don't have any bags to wrap my old clothes. Are you still coming by?


Yes, no problem. We always have some with us in case of an emergency.

Can I drop off my old clothes at your place?


Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept donations of clothing at a fixed location. But we're working on it.

Is there also a quantity limit?


No, just as we come by you just for an old garment bag, we also come by for very large quantities. There is no limit to what we can't meet. Because we want everyone to be able to pick up old clothes in Munich in an environmentally friendly way.

What happens to my old clothes when you pick them up?


After we have picked up the textiles, we hand them over to our partner RE TEXTIL, who sorts them and determines the further recycling route in accordance with applicable EU guidelines. They can then either be carried on as second-hand goods (approx. 60%), raw materials for recycling (approx. 21%) or become cleaning cloths (approx. 15%), depending on the quality of the materials. A minimal remainder (approx. 4%) can only be used for incineration or thermal recovery. The aim is for as little as possible to end up in residual waste and to be reused instead. With what we earn from resale, we finance this complex service, which is free of charge for Munich residents.

How do you recognize dubious old clothes collectors?


In addition to reputable collection organizations, there are a lot of illegally set up old clothes containers from organizations that work without permission. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to recognize them. However, there are a few points that can make you skeptical:
— You won't find an address on the collection slip or old clothes container, just a telephone number.
— If you call the number, you will only reach a mailbox.
— It is advertised with crosses and ecclesiastical symbols.
— You won't know what happens with your donation of clothes.

How does booking with a mobile phone work?


HERE You can find a video in which you can see how to book a pick-up appointment with TextilTiger. Remember to click on “Book” at the end so that your order arrives in our system.

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Pick-up was quick and easy, the employees were very accommodating and brought the heavy bags upstairs without any problems. All in all GREAT!

I used the service for the first time and am very satisfied. The driver/pick-up person arrived within the specified time frame and was very, very nice. I'd love to go back 👍

Everything worked great, Mr. was super nice. The call before the pick up was great so that you can prepare the things. Always happy to do it again.

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Collection of old clothes within 24 hours

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