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“With our unique concept, dedicated team and incredible motivation, we are in the process of rethinking recycling routes in the textile industry. To this end, we work every day to collect your old clothes directly from your front door reliably, punctually and in an environmentally friendly manner. Together, we are constantly learning, developing, realizing our ideas and setting off together towards a more sustainable future. ”

Jan Mauch

Project manager

Benjamin Hepburn

IT & Business Intelligence

Rolf Rössing

Logistics & traffic management

Cathleen Wieck


Klaus-Matthias Koops


Dorin-Aurel Sima


Jan Möller


Erkan Ates


Our values



Encourage transparency.

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Progressive thinking.



Create awareness.

Promote transparency.

We are of the opinion that the conventional way of donating old clothes via old clothes containers and drop off points is too opaque. From the time they are delivered, no one can understand which journey the former pieces of jewelry are taking and which organizations in the retail chain benefit from the proceeds. That is exactly what we want to change: We are working on a process to give you more detailed insights into textile recycling processes soon.

Progressive thinking.

The path to circular economy and thus a genuine textile cycle is long and full of challenges. For example, when developing products, attention must be paid to the recyclability in terms of sortability and separability of the materials used. Here we see manufacturers as responsible, which they are increasingly complying with. Another point on the road to a circular economy is the environmentally friendly recovery of used products from consumers. This is where Textiltiger attacks with the @home pick-up service. We see ourselves as an important part of the path to a circular economy and a more sustainable future in the textile industry.

Create awareness

One of the main reasons why a large proportion of textiles still end up in residual waste today is because society still knows too little about the recyclable material used textiles and how to handle them correctly. As experts in recycling, we want to help you build up more knowledge about this unique recyclable material. By using textiles more consciously, we want to extend the useful life of textiles.