Strengthen the last mile — breaking new ground is a must for us

Who doesn't know? The image of a city center is often characterized by overcrowded streets with a high number of parcel delivery companies and delivery vehicles. The supply of goods and services is extremely important for the viability of a city and its inhabitants. At the same time, today's freight transport presents cities with major challenges: Noise and pollutant emissions, restrictions on the traffic situation and the blocking of urban space are just a few of many negative consequences. The aim must therefore be to develop more environmentally friendly and efficient concepts in the inner city area.

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An electric vehicle fleet combined with micro hubs makes the difference

Implementation is made possible, for example, by electrifying the delivery fleet and redirecting delivery traffic to cargo bikes. By using smaller vehicles, emissions can not only be reduced, but a large part of infrastructure conflicts can also be resolved. This is made possible by a comprehensive network of micro-hubs (mobile or stationary collection points), from which goods are distributed using cargo bikes. In this way, cargo bikes can be used to open up routes in the city that cannot be reached by car and huge savings potential can thus be effectively exploited.

The last mile for us the other way around — a building block on the road to a circular economy

And that is exactly the path we want to go — just the other way around. That is why we have put together a fleet of cargo bikes (in densely populated urban areas) and electric vehicles (in larger urban areas and for larger collection quantities) for you to collect old clothes. After collection, your used clothes go to one of our microhubs, from where they are then bundled from all micro hubs to our sorting location at a later date. This allows us to offer you a quick and environmentally friendly collection of old clothes at any location in Hamburg with a clear conscience. In doing so, we are forming a first step towards establishing a circular economy in the textile sector.


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