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TEXTILTIGER is an innovative solution from REMONDIS Digital, a subsidiary of the globally active recycling company REMONDIS. It includes an online bookable pick-up service for old clothes from private households and companies.

TEXTILTIGER was created in Hamburg at the beginning of 2022 due to the need for alternative collection methods for old kelider. Due to a lack of collection quality in conventional container collection, almost all used clothing containers in Hamburg were dismantled and many old clothes ended up in residual waste. Thanks to TEXTILTIGER's easy-to-book service, around 750 tons of used clothing have been collected so far since the start of the project. The significant increase in the quality of old clothes compared to container collection is remarkable, as faulty throws or misuse can be ruled out as a result of collection directly at the front door. RE Textil, a subsidiary of REMONDIS, is responsible for sorting and marketing used clothing.

It is easy to book a pick-up appointment on the website. After entering the zip code, the person making the booking is asked to choose a pick-up date, which can be at least 24 hours in the future. In the following booking form, the most necessary data, such as email address or address, are entered. After submitting the booking, the person making the booking receives a booking confirmation. The old clothes will be picked up on the booked date (3 hour time window) by e-cargo bike or electrically powered vans. In this way, TextilTiger wants to increase the collection quality of old textiles and thus extend the life cycle of well-preserved garments and prevent improper disposal.

Route planning and data transfer to TEXTILTIGER drivers are carried out automatically.

REMONDIS Digital company profile


REMONDIS Digital is part of the REMONDIS Group, the leading German recycling, water management, municipal and industrial services company headquartered in Lünen. REMONDIS is a family company with over 80 years of tradition and employs around 40,000 people worldwide. Around 20 of them work for REMONDIS Digital in Hamburg. The company is managed by Johannes Schön and Felix Thiele.

REMONDIS Digital develops innovative digital services for municipalities, industrial and waste management companies and citizens. The digital solutions range from demand-oriented information collection from the road environment, to smart route management and the digitization of internal disposal processes.

REMONDIS Digital's activities started at the beginning of 2019, as an independent company since September 2020. In addition to TextilTiger (online bookable on-demand collection of old clothes), the product portfolio also includes CORTEXIA (measurement of small pieces of waste on the road surface), MÄX (modular waste disposal via app), BINITY (IoT-based solution for measuring fill levels in depot containers) and DATAFLEET (AI-based solution for recording defects in the road environment). These were developed in the company's internal Innovation Hub, which aims to promote and develop ideas for marketable products. With all its products, REMONDIS Digital wants to make a decisive contribution to the digital transformation of the public sector and to help drive the development of cities into smart cities.

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