Our path to climate neutrality

That's how we did it

In collaboration with Climate Partner, we have opted for a three-stage approach. This enabled us not only to identify where we emit, but also where we have the greatest potential to save emissions and how we can become climate-neutral. In areas where we were unable to further reduce our emissions, we offset our remaining emissions.

It is part of our DNA to offer the most environmentally friendly way to pick up old clothes in cities. Climate change is not waiting. That is why we have committed ourselves to be completely climate-neutral together with our partner RE-textil from November 2021. This makes us the first collection service for recyclable materials in Germany to take this step. When looking at our emissions, operating and transport emissions are important. In our calculation, we have taken into account all greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. With our initiative, we want to find as many other imitators as possible.



Calculation of existing emissions

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Reduce & avoid emissions




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Our ID at Climate Partner confirms that as TextilTiger, together with our partner RE TEXTIL, we are not only effectively saving CO2 emissions, but are also successfully pursuing our compensation claim.

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We are currently supporting three climate protection projects in Africa and India in order to become even more sustainable and at the same time get involved in the global community.

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